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Kidney Failure

This factsheet is for people who seeks for Kidney Failure treatment, or who would like the info about it.

DIALYSIS and KIDNEY TRANSPLANT are commonly recommended treatments for Kidney Failure patients. However, Kidney Failure is never a sentence to either DIALYSIS or TRANSPLANTATION. If you would like offer us your individual medical condition, we are glad to make an analysis and find the personal alternative treatments other than the two common medical choice for you (you can use "Quick Contact" in this page or consult our free online service directly to CONTACT US).

Dialysis is the artificial process of eliminating waste products and excessive water from the blood. Our healthy kidneys do this naturally. However, for patients with Kidney Failure, theirs failed kidneys may cannot carry out the function properly. Thereby, they may need dialysis.

Even though dialysis is believed as artificial replacement for failed kidneys, it cannot do as much as the real kidneys. Dialysis only removes the small sized waste products, such as creatinine, urea etc in the blood. But, it is unable to deal with the middle or large sized toxins. Blood Purification helps filters out all different toxins in blood with various filtering techniques. If you have interest, you can leave a message to the "Quick Contact" for a reply.

In addition, dialysis is unable to reversed the damaged kidney tissues, thereby, you can never expect an improvement of kidney function. This makes dialysis not a cure for kidney failure. (if you need a personal answer about "Cure for Kidney Failure", you leave a message to "Quick Contact" in this page.)

If either dialysis cannot cure my kidney failure or I cannot wait for kidney transplant, Can I live? It is hard to offer a "yes" or "no", for I have no idea about even your rough medical condition. However, alternative treatments to dialysis or kidney transplant may help you to live a normal life.

Both Dialysis and Kidney Transplant are renal replacement therapies. Thereby, as long as the alternative treatments can help your kidneys to remove the waste products, dialysis or kidney transplant will not be a must for you. Chinese herbs help improve the filtering ability of damaged kidneys, which may help you avoid dialysis.

Chinese Herbal Medicine, as a traditional medical form, has always tried to observe the human body in its entire rather treat only parts of it. Many herbs and plants contain different properties, which show different functions in treating Kidney Failure.

Some certain herbs help restore the self-cure ability of damaged kidney cells and repair the impaired kidney tissues naturally. The herbalists will add these herbs to improve the kidney functions of kidney failure patients. When kidney functions increase to a level which can have your kidneys to maintain a normal life, you can expect to get rid of dialysis.

Each herbal formula is made based on patient's individual medical condition. Without an estimation of your kidney condition, I cannot even give you a rough herbal formula. If you have a interest, you can send your basic info to our online service or for a personal herbs list.

A good news is that you may be not necessary to get the herbs list, and you can still get a even quicker kidney function improvement. Based on Chinese Herbal Medicine, a new natural therapy designed for kidney disease--Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy--has been established.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an external application which has been used in clinic for more than 27 years. It is designed to avoid the disadvantages of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Traditional Chinese Medicine takes effects on kidney disease slowly for the ingredient of herbs needs to be absorbed by our alimentary system firstly. Meantime, the oral herbal soup makes many patients sick due to the bitter taste.

The treatment mechanism of this therapy is to block kidney fibrosis, repair damaged renal intrinsic cells and rebuild the normal kidney structure. And the realizing of these purposes is based on Chinese medicine curative effects like dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anticoagulation, preventing blood viscosity and degrading extracellular matrixes. (Click here for Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Video)

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is not a "one size fits all" therapy, but a personalized treatment. Whether it is workable for you, you can consult our free online service. Lear About the Patient Story Treated By This Natural Therapy: Bocas Nancoo, Kidney Failur, Trinidad and Tobago.

This information is offered by our If you fail to find the info you need, you can email to or consult our online service below directly. It is better, if you can offer your basic info and rough medical info, at your first consultation.

Bocas Nancoo's Story

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