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What Does Creatinine Level 4.9 Mean

My wife has high serum creatinine levels. It is 4.9. She did a test today and the results came back like that. Is that dangerous? I am very worried and i don’t know I should something right away for her?

Thanks for your inquiry. I can feel your love for your wife. Please don’t worry. I will try my best to help you. Firstly, let me to explain the meaning of creatinine level 4.9. And I am afraid that this level is a little dangerous.

Creatinine is the waste products of muscular metabolism which will build up in the blood, if the kidneys are diseased. Thereby, high creatinine level may be an indicator of kidney damage. The normal range is 0.6~0.9 mg/dl in female. So you can see, your wife’s condition is a little dangerous.

To roughly figure out how severe kidney damage is, experts divided the Kidney Disease into 5 stages.

CKD stages stage 1 stage 2 stage 3 stage 4 stage 5
Serum Creatinine <1.6mg/dl 1.6-2.0mg/dl 2.1-5.0mg/dl 5.1-7.9mg/dl >8.0mg/dl

From this view, your wife is in CKD stage 3. It is a moderate kidney damages. However, you must notice that your wife’s creatinine level is so close to the stage 4. If her condition cannot controlled well, it may develop into Kidney Failure very soon. For most patients in stage 4 or stage 4 has stepped into Kidney Failure stage.

However, as creatinine is not a very exact indicator to kidney functions, so I only can say she is possible in CKD stage 3. Actually, GFR is the standard lab value to estimate how well our kidney condition is. If possible, please tell me your wife’s GFR or more other details on her condition. So specific suggestions and analysis can be offered. Contact Email: kidneyabc@hotmail.com hope your wife will recover very soon!

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