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Stage 4 Kidney Disease, Hypertension, Creatinine 4.5

I was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease caused by uncontrolled hypertension with creatinine 4.5. What treatment advices can you give me?

Now your condition is very serious with such high creatinine. If no treatment is adopted, you will have to start Dialysis or perform Kidney Transplant very soon.Generally, dialysis is prescribed when creatinine increases to 5.

However, if you take effective treatment at once, it is possible to stop further deterioration of kidney function and improve renal function to some extent. If so, you will be able to avoid dialysis and transplant.

As the culprit of your kidney problem is hypertension,keeping blood pressure under control can reduce damage to kidneys. Additionally, you should follow your doctor’s treatment advices to treat other complications, such as proteinuria, anemia, hyperlipemia, etc.These conditions are significant risk factor in worsening renal function. Also, diet plays such an important part in the treatment of stage 4 kidney disease.

However, if the kidney damage that had happened can not be improved, the kidney disease will progress further. So aggressive treatment should be adopted to restore impaired kidney structure and improve renal function. Chinese treatments can help people with stage 4 kidney disease mainly including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and medicated bath.

When medicated bath is applied, the liquid medicines can open the pores in the skin. Some wastes and extra fluids can be filtered through skin. Thus, it can help lower the levels of certain kinds of toxins in blood. Meanwhile,the medicines can improve blood circulation and increase blood supply to kidneys.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can activate the natural self-healing system of the body to restore the impaired kidney structure and improve renal function. However, this therapy does not work on the totally necrotic kidney tissues. By restoring the impaired kidney tissues, it can result in an improvement in renal function. If so, you will be able to avoid developing ESRD. Dialysis or kidney transplant will not be required.

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