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Slow Progression of FSGS with 19% Renal Function

My mother was diagnosed with FSGS about two years ago.Currently her renal function maybe around 19%.Are there any drugs and treatments that may slow the progression of FSGS?

Glomeruli are functional units in kidneys and can filter blood normally. FSGS is typically featured with sclerosis and necrosis of glomeruli.As the impaired glomeruli can not work normally,it will cause a myriad of symptoms such as proteinuria,blood in urine etc.As your mother only has 19% renal function,it indicates that a large amount of glomeruli have been involved. It is impossible to reverse the necrotic renal cells to work again.But some treatment can stop the kidney tissues from damaging further and repair the damaged part of the kidney tissues.If so,the disease will stop progression and her renal function will be improved.

However,FSGS is a refractory disorder and approximately 50% of the patients do not respond to steroids.Even if your mother can respond to it and has a remission of proteinuria,she will still experience frequent relapses.

To treat FSGS effectively and stop its progression, the following treatment goals should be achieved.

-Restrain the abnormal immune system activity

-Remove immune complexes in both blood and kidneys

-Restore damaged kidney tissues

-Reconstruct immunity

-Expend blood vessels and activate the self-regeneration of impaired kidney tissues

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and blood purification are recommended treatment for FSGS.And specific treatment solution is designed based on individual’s condition.

Blood purification can eliminate the wastes and immune complexes in body.Thus,it can help remove trigging factors of inflammation in kidneys and help lower creatinine, BUN etc.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is based on Chinese herbal medicine and different types of herbs are used in this therapy based on individual condition.The medicines are tonic to kidney tissues and can activate the self-regeneration of the impaired kidney tissues to improve renal function.

After the above treatment,the causes of renal function deterioration in FSGS will be removed.Therefore,it will stop the progression of the disease. By restoring the impaired kidney tissues, your mother renal function will be improved remarkably.

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