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Creatinine Level Is Still High after Dialysis

My friends has renal failure and started dialysis last year. His condition was controlled very well. However, recently, his creatinine level is still high after dialysis. Can you tell me why?

Dialysis is known as artificial kidney and it replaces the native kidneys to excrete wastes and extra fluids from body. It can help remove the creatinine and other micromolecular harmful substances from blood.

However,dialysis is not able to eliminate middle molecular and macromolecular toxins from blood. These toxic materials can do further damage to kidneys and cause progressive kidney function decline.

Besides filtering wastes from blood, the kidneys can also produce hormones like renin and erythropoietin, but dialysis does not have these abilities. That is why the patients on dialysis often suffer from anemia and blood pressure fluctuation and other complications.

Therefore, even if your friends are on dialysis, his renal function still keeps deteriorating. If the creatinine level is still high after dialysis, it indicates that he may need to undergo dialysis at more frequent intervals. High creatinine level also implies the dangerous levels of other toxins and harmful substances in his blood. He is recommended to discuss this problem with his doctor at once to lower high creatinine levels.

High levels of creatinine results from the decreased excreting ability of kidneys. In order to keep creatinine level within control, the radical step is to rebuild kidneys structure and improve renal function.

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