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Prognosis of Horseshoe Kidney

My son has been diagnosed with horseshoe kidney. He experiences frequent urinary tract infections and he is prescribed with trimethoprim for this problem. I want to know clearly about the long-term prognosis of horseshoe kidney. Any information will be appreciated.

Horseshoe kidney occurs during fetal development, as the kidneys move into their normal position. It is a condition in which the two kidneys fuse together.

Having such an anatomical abnormality can make the patients more likely to develop urinary tract infections, and this seems to have been the case with your son.

If left untreated and if the infection virus spread to kidneys, it could cause kidney infection, resulting in kidney damage and scarring. So preventing recurrent urinary tract infections is an important part in treating horseshoe kidney. Continuous antibiotic treatment is often successful in prevent and control infections.

Another potential risk for your son is kidney stones. It may cause urinary tract obstruction and cause hydronephrosis. Frequent formation of kidney stone also can damage his kidneys. Drinking more water and limiting foods rich in oxalate can help to reduce the incidence of kidney stones. In severe case,surgery may be used to remove large stones.

Generally speaking, if he does not develop kidney damage or scarring during childhood, the prognosis of his horseshoe kidney will be very good in the further. Therefore, an early and effective treatment is pretty necessary for your son.

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