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GFR 47, Right Flank Pain And Weakness

My check result shows my GFR is 47. Severe right flank pain tortures me a lot.Also I currently suffer from extreme fatigue and weakness. What should I do?

GFR is used to check how well your kidneys are functioning.It estimates how much blood passes through tiny filters in kidneys each minute.Normal results of GFR range from 90-120mL/min/1.73m2.The elderly have lower normal GFR levels because GFR declines with age. Now your GFR is far lower than the normal range.A large part of your blood can not be filtered by kidneys,thus resulting in high levels of wastes in your body.

Your fatigue and weakness is mainly associated with anemia.Anemia is a common complication of Kidney Disease.It is mainly attributed to two causes.Firstly,the diseased kidneys can not make a kind of hormone called EPO which can stimulate the marrow to produce red blood cells. Secondly,iron deficiency is another cause of anemia in kidney disease. High-protein diet is an important source of irone.However, the patients with reduced renal function have to limit protein intake strictly.

Red blood cells are distributing oxygen to body tissues and cells.Inadequate oxygen supply to kidney tissues and cells can weakness and fatigue.

As for your right flank pain,there is a variety of possible causes.The cause varies with your kind of kidney disease.Kidney infection,scarring of kidney tissues, large kidney cysts etc all can cause back pain.What are the causes of your kidney problem? We can give some suggestions to help relieve the pain after learning your disease condition.Send your basic information of your disease condition to kidneyabc@hotmail.com .

GFR 47 means that you are in stage 3 kidney disease presently.It is a very critical period to seek for an aggressive treatment.In this stage,the patients still have high chance of reversing kidney damage.However,the general symptomatic treatments are far more enough to control the condition. 

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