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Is Red Orange Colored Urine A Sign of Kidney Failure

I have chronic kidney disease for many years. Recently, my urine shows red orange color, so I do a series of test. My doctors tell me that my condition has developed to kidney failure. Is red orange colored urine a sign of kidney failure?

Yes, red orange colored urine indeed can be a sign of kidney failure, because it indicates that there are a lot of red blood cells in urine. However, this shouldn’t be the only indicator to determine whether patients’ condition has developed into kidney failure, since the following conditions may also cause blood urine:

● Kidney stone: when kidney stone moves through urinary tract, it easily cut urinary tract epithelial cells to cause bleeding, and then red blood cells appear in urine.

● Urinary tract infection: It is another cause of blood urine.

● Some special kidney diseases: If your kidney failure is due to Polycystic Kidney Disease or kidney cyst, the rupture of kidney cyst may lead to blood urine.

Finding out the root cause and receiving effective treatment for blood urine is very important, because blood urine is a big risk for further kidney damage. If you haven’t found a good treatment, you can consult our online doctor.

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