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Creatinine 3.17: What Stage Kidney Failure Do I have

What stage kidney failure do I have with creatinine 3.17? My creatinine level increases from 2.7 to 3.17, so I feel worried. Please, help me.

Creatinine is one waste product during muscle metabolism. It is revealed that about 20g of muscle can produce 1mg of creatinine. Normally, healthy kidneys can discharge nearly all of creatinine out of the body, so creatinine levels in the body range at stable values, 0.5-1.3mg/dl. Permanent increase of creatinine levels is more likely to indicate kidney problem and decline of kidney function.

According to GFR, chronic kidney failure is divided into five stages. In different stages of kidney failure, creatinine levels are different. Creatinine 3.17 is more likely to indicate stage 3 kidney failure. However, in some cases, it may even reveal advanced kidney failure. Tell more information about your illness condition for the online doctor, so they can tell you the exact answer.

If you are indeed diagnosed with stage 3 kidney failure, it is the best time to reverse your kidney damage. This is because kidneys in this stage are still functioning at high level. It means quite a number of kidney inherent cells can work very well. What we need to do is to repair damaged but not necrotic cells. As long as these cells recover to work, stage 3 kidney failure may be turned back to stage 2. To learn what therapies can help lower creatinine level and improve kidney function, welcome to leave your medical case in the below form.

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