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Nephrotic Syndrome Relapse Again and Again : Is It Common

My daughter is suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome. We use the steroid for 7 weeks and progress was quite good,but after 3 weeks she felt some cold and NS relapse. We then again use steroid,she response well,but after 2 weeks again relapse.Is it common?

One of the characters of Nephrotic Syndrome is frequent relapse. Steroid can control her symptoms such as swelling, proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidaemia, but it can not eliminate the root cause. While the immunosuppressor your daughter take can lower her immune system so that she is vulnerable to cold and infection. That is why Nephrotic Syndrome relapses again and again.

The root cause of Nephrotic Syndrome is the disordered immune system. Though the inflammatory response can be inhibited by the steroid, the immune complexes are still depositing in the kidneys. To free from Nephrotic Syndrome, she should improve immune system. If possible, you can talk with your doctor to exchange the western medicines with natural herbs, which have no side effects and they can be used for long time. Traditional Chinese Medicine can not only improve kidney function, but also make the whole body harmonious. It can prevent Nephrotic Syndrome from relapsing again and again. For more information, you can contact our online doctor.

At last, take good care of your daughter and hope her recover soon.

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