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How Aspirin Disturb Excretion of Uric Acid By Kidney

I have stage 3-stage 4 chronic kidney disease. Also, I have serious back and side pain, so I try to ease my pain with aspirin. Recently, I do one blood test that shows my uric acid level is high. Does aspirin disturb excretion of uric acid

 As introduced by kidney experts at kidneyabc clinic, aspirin is known to have an effect on kidneys of eliminating uric acid. Also, at the lowest dosage, aspirin can cause 15% decline of uric acid excretion, and the higher dosage, the lower uric acid excretion. If left alone, the build up of uric acid in the blood can cause high uric acid level, thus leading to arthritis and further kidney damage. For this reason, kidney disease patients should pay highly attention to take aspirin.

To relieve renal patients’ back pain, headache, cold, fever, or joint pain, we would like to recommend natural remedies rather than aspirin or other medications.

1. Medicated bath: Putting some herbal medicines into your bath water, so the effective ingredients can permeate into the body via skin directly. These medicines can help prompt sweating and improve patients’ immune system. Therefore, more waste products can be excreted out for reducing the burden on kidneys.

2. Massage: It is one natural way to ease patients’ pain, both headache and back pain. If you have these problems, massage is worth a try.

3. Acupuncture: Through inserting the acupuncture point, this treatment can help treat various diseases. If you want to use this therapy, you can consult the doctor online.

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