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Why Creatinine Level Still Increases after Dialysis

My husband is one dialysis for months and his creatinine level increases all the time, when I think it should go down. His creatinine was 6.8, then it was 7.5 and now it is 8.9. Can you tell me the reason?

Dialysis is one treatment option used to replace diseased kidneys for cleansing blood. Normally, adequate can help kidney patients to remove extra fluid and small molecular substances including creatinine, uric acid and urea. This is why most patients’ creatinine level goes down after dialysis. However, your husband’s creatinine level constantly increases after dialysis. This is abnormal, and two conditions may be reasons.

- Inadequate dialysis: This makes dialysis unable to filter out waste products and extra fluid efficiently. Then, more and more creatinine constantly deposits in the blood and cause the increase of high creatinine level.

- Dialysis fail to work: Although dialysis works for most kidney failure patients, it doesn’t mean all patients can get benefits from this treatment. If it doesn’t function for your husband, he should turn to other treatments immediately. Otherwise, his condition will be worse and worse. Too much waste products building up in the blood may even be life-threatening.

Try to find which condition causes your husband’s problem, and then accept effective treatment to lower his creatinine level actively. If you still have anything unclear, you can contact us through the form below.

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