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How Long Can You Live if Your Kidney Shut down

My father (65 years old) has kidney shut down. However, due to the heart complications and tumor, he could not have kidney transplant. Now he is in end stage renal failure. I would like to know how long he can live without dialysis.

I am sorry to hear your father’s experience. If his kidneys have shuted down. Without dialysis, he may be able to live for only a couple of days.

Kidneys are vital organs in our body. They can remove the metabolic wastes and extra fluids to maintain our physiological activities. However, when kidneys shut down, high levels of toxins will build up in body. The dangerous levels of toxins can impair every organ like brain, heart, never system. Your father may die of these life-threatening complications at any time.

No doubt, kidney transplant is a preferred treatment option for the patients with kidney shut down. However, it also has contraindications like heart problem, tumor, hepatitis etc. On the other hand, many patients may not get a kidney transplant due to lack of kidney donor. Is there any other substitute treatment to kidney transplant?

YES. With the medical development, there are more treatment options for the patients with kidney shutdown. Renal failure results from the impairment of kidney tissues and cells. To improve renal function, the treatment should be able to restore kidneys structure and improve renal function. If his renal function is removed, dialysis will not be necessary.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and immunotherapy are new treatment options for the patients whose kidneys shut down.The therapies can stimulate the regeneration of kidney tissues and cells to rebuild kidney structure. If the native kidneys can have an improvement in renal function, kidney transplant will not be needed.

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