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How to Stop Dialysis for Long Time Dialysis with Stable Illness Condition

Hi.. I am 25years old male..6 yrs and 3months on dialysis.. now im feeling very nice.. my condition is stable..but I want to stop dialysis thats why I am interested in on your treatment. Can you help me stop it?

Stop Dialysis,Chinese Medicine,Micro-Chinese Medicine OsmotherapyYou can consult to ONLINE DOCTOR or continue to read about this article, there will have something what you need.

Is there any chance for him to stop dialysis with our treatment?

First, we have to consider about the specific illness condition about him. Stop dialysis means you should have a healthy condition of kidneys which can work by themselves to complete their own functions: excretion, generation, maintenance, secretion, adjustment. Second, you need to consider about the size of your kidneys, the residual renal function, urine output volume and the primary disease which lead to kidney failure. If all the condition is still good in some kind of degree, I can give you a promise about that with our treatment you will have more than 50% to stop dialysis.

Why our treatment can help some patients stop dialysis?

Treatment for kidney failure in our hospital-- Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital is based on Chinese medicine. People who know about Chinese medicine should know about the biggest function of it is treating disease from root. Medicines in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy will be chosen according to the specific illness condition of patients to help them repair kidney damage with suitable medicine.

Mainly reason for kidney disease can not be cured is due to that too much toxins in blood and body which can not be discharged. So that this treatment will also help you clean toxins at first. In order to improve ischemia and hypoxia of kidney cells, medicines will also supply nutrition and blood for kidneys, thus will restore kidney function in some degree.

After a period of treatment, you will see great improvement on yourself. If you want to know more about the treatment and kidney disease of yourself. Please leave us a message of send email to us with the following way. We will give you best answer in 24 hours.

Our email: kidneyabc@hotmail.com


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