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Whether Need to Do Dialysis or Not in Renal Failure

My Creatinine Level is 5.9 in Renal Failure. I’m 64 years old. Do I need to do Dialysis? Is my problem serious? Please give me some kind advice. I really need your help and I am waiting your answer.

Whether Need to Do Dialysis or Not in Renal Failure

As a matter of fact, Creatinine is a kind of toxin caused by muscle metabolism, and is usually produced at a fairly constant rate by the body. It is removed from the blood mainly by kidneys or by glomerular filtration.

Your creatinine level is 5.9, which indicates you should be in the stage of renal failure. If you can produce urine now and do not have any other serious symptom, I suggest that you can choose conservative treatment in the first place. May be you have heard from more and more patients on dialysis that long-time dialysis makes patients have strong dependency and causes many abnormal complications, including lower blood pressure, fatigue, muscle cramp, nausea and vomiting and so on. In addition, it will finally cause complete sclerosis of kidney.

Although I suggest conservative treatment, you should know your condition is still not good. Please pay attention to your diet, personal hygiene and have enough rest. The most important thing is to check regularly and have timely treatment.

What is the conservative treatment for creatinine 5.9?

I would like to recommend Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment to you. Chinese Medicines are all natural herbs which can be penetrated into patient’s kidney with the help of modern advanced technology. And patient can see the effects in a short time. Moreover the treatment can repair the damaged kidney tissues and cells, improve immunity of body and kidney functions. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotehrapy has won great reputation from patients from more than 74 countries. In addition, Immunotherapy also can treat kidney damage naturally. With the improvement of kidney functions, High Creatinine Level 5.9 can be reduced gradually. There is no doubt that dialysis can be avoided naturally.

If you want to know more details about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy or Immunotherapy or reduce High Creatinine Level 5.9 or other levels, please leave the patient’s detailed condition below or send them in mail or contact our ONLINE DOCTOR for free. The information includes name, age, gender, country, disease description and phone number/WhatsApp so that our doctors can provide professional service for you in time.

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