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Herbal Plant for ESRD with Heart Disease,Anemia And Hypertension

I am suffering from ESRD and experience anemia, high blood pressure, bad odor of mouth, swelling and heart disease. My doctor tell me I have to start dialysis soon as my kidneys have been damaged severely. As for my condition, I want to know if herbal plant can help.

Kidneys are filters in body and they can remove wastes and excessive fluids from body. In ESRD, as kidneys are damaged severely, dangerous levels of toxins and wastes can build up in body, which can affect multiple body organs and systems.Afterwards, anemia, high blood pressure, bad odor in mouth, swelling and heart disease can occur.

Dialysis is also known as artificial kidneys and they can take over a partial renal function to filter blood and remove wastes from body. However, dialysis is not a cure for ESRD and it is unable to improve renal function at all. Eventually, kidney transplant will be the only treatment option when your kidneys fail completely.

Now you have not started dialysis, it means that you still have residual renal function. On this basis, if proper treatment can be taken to improve your present remaining renal function, you will be able to avoid dialysis. Herbal transplant can help you as you kidneys are still working. Only if there is blood flowing through kidneys, will herbal plants can take effects.

Firstly, herbal plants can help to dilate arteries at all levels to improve systemic blood circulation and blood supply to kidneys. Thereby, it can slow down renal fibrosis and the necrosis of kidney tissues and cells.

Secondly, herbal plants are rich in various kinds of minerals, vitamins, trace elements, etc which can provide nutrients for restoring the impaired kidney structure.

Thirdly, herbal plants can stimulate the replication of DNA of impaired kidney tissues. In this way, it can stimulate the regeneration of new kidney structure.

However, not all patients with ESRD are candidates to herbal plants. If the patients have had no urine for a long time, it indicates no blood is passing through kidneys. In this case, the effective medicines can not get kidneys. So the earlier you take herbal plants, the better curative effects you will get.

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