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How Long Will I Live with My Kidney Working on 5%

How long will I live with my kidney working on 5%? I can not find a clear answer to this question on website. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

I am sorry to tell you that there is no a fast and definite response to your question. It is really hard to predict how long you can live as it relies on many variables.


Many patients with kidney failure do not die of kidney failure itself, but the complications. Heart failure is a leading death cause for people with renal failure. Therefore, it is significant for you to keep the complications within control. Other common complications of kidney failure include uremic brain, hyperlipidaemia, anemia, etc.

Daily habits

Daily habits play an important role in affecting the life span of people with kidney failure. Smoking can cause rapid deterioration in renal function and shorten your life span significantly. Meanwhile, as your kidneys fail to filter blood adequately, you should limit the intake of foods which can produce a large amount of wastes. You should follow the dietary principles strictly.

Treatment option

Treatment option is the determinable factor of life span of people with kidney failure. It is reported that the patients after kidney transplant live longer than those on long-term maintainance dialysis. However, on one hand, it is difficult to get a compatible kidney donor. On the other hand, some side effects of kidney dialysis are inevitable such as kidney rejection, failure of the new kidney, etc.

Is there any alternative to dialysis or kidney transplant?

Immunotherapy is a new treatment option for people with kidney failure. This therapy aims at stimulating the regeneration and self-repairing of the impaired kidney tissues and cells. Thereby, it can improve renal function significantly. No doubt, you will be able to live longer.

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