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Tips for Coping with Bilateral MSK with Proteinuria and Feet Swelling

I am diagnosed with bilateral MSK and stage 3 CKD. Swelling in feet and proteinuria begin to appear recently. Are there any tips to cope with my conditions?

Proteins are important source of energy in body and can help keep normal immune system. However, if the tiny blood vessels in kidneys are damaged, the proteins will pass through kidneys and end up in urine, leading to proteinuria.

As the kidneys are damaged, they are unable to regulate electrolyte balance and remove extra fluids. Swelling in feet results from retention of fluids and sodium in body.

The general treatments for bilateral MSK with proteinuria and feet swelling include:


Diet plays a huge part in controlling these conditions. A diet low in salt can reduce the retention of sodium and fluids to relieve feet swelling. Meanwhile, control the supplement of protein can reduce protein loss in urine and improve the protein level in blood.

Control kidney stones

Passing kidney stones is a big problem for people with bilateral MSK. It can cause them intense pain and can interfere with renal function, thus worsening the above conditions. Lithotripsy and even surgery may be used to treat kidney stones.

Control high blood pressure

If blood pressure is out of control, more fluid will be filtered by kidneys. Control high blood pressure can slow the disease progression remarkably.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

No treatment can cure MSK. However, proper treatment can control the symptoms effectively and stop the disease progression. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can bring an overall treatment of bilateral MSK and control the associated conditions effectively. What’s more important, it can improve renal function to significantly.

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