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Does Creatininine Level 7.2 Need Dialysis

If the creatinine level reaches above 7.2 mg/dl, it is nearing the stage for dialysis?

A creatinine level 7.2 mg/dl means that your renal function reduces to less than 15% and you are in stage 5 kidney disease. This is the stage for dialysis. In fact, dialysis should be done earlier. Early dialysis can help preserve your remaining renal function to a large extent. Generally speaking, people with renal failure are recommended to start dialysis when creatinine level increases to 5 mg/dl. However, if your renal failure is due to diabetes, you should start dialysis earlier than those non-diabetes patients.

However, there is no a definite level of creatinine for starting dialysis. Some patients may not start dialysis even if their Creatinine level far higher than 7.2 mg/dl.

If the patients with renal failure have the following urmic symptoms, you should start dialysis earlier.

※ Overwhelming fatigue

※ Itchy skin

※ Serious swelling

※ Vomiting and nausea

※ Shortness of breath

※ Feel faint or dizzy

If the patients with renal failure can take effective treatments, they can delay the onset of Dialysis.

Firstly, kidneys filter metabolic wastes from body which are mainly from what we eat. Therefore, developing a healthy diet plays a vital role in controlling high creatinine level and delay the onset of dialysis.

Secondly, treat the primary causes of your kidney problem. Kidney disease occurs due to various causes. If the primary conditions are controlled, it will slow down the progression significantly.

Thirdly, keep the factors of kidney disease progression mainly including high blood pressure, high blood sugar level and high cholesterol level.

Thirdly, improve your current renal function. Dialysis is needed when kidneys are unable to function adequately. If the function of the native kidneys is improved, the dialysis will certainly be delayed.

If your creatinine level is higher or lower than 7.2 mg/dl and do not know if it is time for dialysis, you can consult us to get more professional advices.

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