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Can Drinking More Water Lower High Creatinine Level

I am 39 years old and suffering from diabetes. Last month I went to see a doctor for chest pain. ECG showed that my heart was normal. However, my creatinine was 123 umol and it was high. Does it mean that my kidneys are affected? Can drinking more water lower high creatinine?

Persistently high creatinine level signifies underlying kidney damage, especially among people with Diabetes. I suggest you to go to see a nephrologist for a complete evaluation. Diabetes is the most common cause of kidney disease. Drinking more water would not reduce your creatinine level, nor would it cure your underlying kidney damage.

The tiny blood vessels in kidneys are responsible for filtering blood and excreting wastes from body. However, in diabetes, high blood sugar can put extra strain on kidneys. Over time, the kidneys will fail to work normally. As a result, high levels of metabolic wastes build up in blood. High creatinine level will occur.

As high creatinine level in diabetes results from kidney impairment, drinking more water can not help lower its level at all. After knowing the cause, you should be clear about the treatment for high creatinine level.

Firstly, you should follow tight control of your blood sugar. It can reduce strain on kidneys and delay renal function decline.

Secondly, keep blood pressure under control (130/80 mmHg).

Thirdly, albumin/protein in urine is a significant factor in worsening renal function. It is important for you to treat protein leakage.

Fourthly, keep healthy diet and take part in moderate exercise.

If the risk factors of kidney disease progression are under control, you will be able to slow down its progression effectively.

However, high creatinine indicates that your kidneys have been impaired. To lower its level completely, the goal of the treatment is to restore the impaired kidney structure and reverse kidney damage. Once the kidneys recover the excretory ability, high creatinine level will reduce gradually.

While drinking more water can not lower high creatinine level, there are still some natural ways to lower its level. You can consult us on line to get more useful advices.

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