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Foods To Improve Kidney Function Naturally

2013-08-26 13:49

Foods To Improve Kidney Function NaturallyWhat foods can improve kidney function naturally? As we all know, daily diet is crucial for one’s health. Especially when you are diagnosed with one kind of disease like kidney disease, foods you eat have great influence in your kidneys. Choosing proper foods can improve your kidney function; otherwise, foods will worsen your kidneys. The foods which contain high levels of minerals, such as sodium and potassium may bring excess burden on your kidneys. Therefore, in daily diet, you should avoid these high levels of mineral foods and replace them with low levels of minerals.


For people with kidney disease, their kidneys fail to filter excess potassium out of their body, which will make their kidneys overwhelmed. In this case, they can eat some rich moderately, and this is because rich is a carbohydrate that can provide their body with adequate amounts of energy with low potassium and meet their body needs.

Low sodium foods

Patients with kidney disease usually have edema and high blood pressure. Sodium, or salt plays a role in the regulation of blood pressure and is related to edema. Too much sodium or slat intake will worsen edema and high blood pressure, which may make your kidney function reduce sharply. Therefore, removing high sodium or salt foods in your diet and replacing them with lower sodium/salt foods, and your kidney function can be greatly improved. Foods that are high in sodium include pickles, bacon, canned foods and processed foods, etc.

Fruits and vegetables

Patients with kidney disease often hear their doctors or nurses say they have high blood urea nitrogen. High blood urea nitrogen does have some relation with kidney function. Urea is a byproduct of protein metabolism. And if they intake high levels of protein, high levels of urea are relatively forced through their kidneys, making their kidneys failing to remove other toxins from their blood. Thus, in daily diet, they should eat more fruits and vegetables instead of consuming too much protein. Low protein intake can help control the amount of urea that kidneys have to filter.

The above are some foods which can help improve kidney function naturally. And patients with kidney disease should depend on their illness conditions to consume moderate amount of foods. Too much or too little both can not come to the efficacy of improving kidney function. If you do not know how much you should eat, you can give your illness conditions to our online doctors, and they will make a diet plan for you.


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