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What Should Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Pay Attention on Diet

2013-09-19 10:41

What Should Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Pay Attention on DietWe believe every people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) especially in moderate or end stage can deeply understand how important their diet are, because any mistake in their diet may cause some healthy problems. Here, you may ask: what should chronic kidney disease patients pay attention on diet?

The following are five general dietary requirements for CKD patients, but the detailed diet should depend on patients’ individual condition. (If you want to get personalized diet analysis, you can leave a message in the form below or send email to kidneyabc@hotmail.com). If not, read to find the basic information, what you want.

1) The supply of proteins. The dietary therapy for chronic kidney disease patients should follow the impairing degree of the renal function to define the protein intake. If the patient has long course of kidney disease, but the damage of renal function is not serious, he/she does not need to strictly limit the proteins on food. But his/her intake of the protein should not exceed 1g/kg of the body weight every day, and high quality proteins should be over 50%. In addition, animal proteins of high biological potency, such as eggs, milk, fish and lean are better for these patients.

2) Because some patients limited the intake of proteins, the main source of heat supply is carbohydrate and fat. So the energy supply is depended on their labor intensity. The ones who do not work at all can have 126~147 KJ (30~35 kCal)/kg of the body weight, and meet the needs of the patients’ activities.

3) Control the intake of sodium. When the situation of edema and high blood pressure is severe, the content of sodium should be controlled under 2g/day, or even provide the patients salt free diet. Generally, low-salt diet is better for the patients.

4) Avoid eating spicy food. Spicy foods may cause some gastrointestinal problems, so CKD patients have better stay away from spicy food.

5) Have enough vitamins, especially vitamin C. Because the long-term chronic kidney disease patients may have anemia, the intake of vitamin C can increase the absorption of iron. So they may need to eat tomatoes, leafy vegetables, fresh dates, watermelons, cucumbers, citruses, kiwis and natural juice etc, if they don’t have other complications.

In conclusion, a kidney-friendly diet should change from patient to patient. Always remember to develop a diet plan which is best for yourself.

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