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Sexual Life for People with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

2012-11-24 16:16

Sexual dysfunction is one of symptoms of chronic kidney disease(CKD). It is related to metabolic disorder and multiple organs failure. Generally speaking, CKD like chronic nephropyelitis, chronic nephritis does not affect sexual function. However, even if the patients keep normal sexual function, they still pay more attention to the following matters during sexual life.

1. Urinary system infection

Usually, people with urinary system infections like urocystitis, acute pyelonephritis and chronic pyelonephritis etc keep normal renal function. However, sexual life is very likely to cause the relapse of the disease. Therefore, sexual health is very important. For this part of patients, they should pay more attention to the following matters during sexual life.

① When it is in acute period, the patients should avoid sexual life.

② Before and after sexual life, genital cleansing is important and essential.

③ If the patients have frequent urinary system infection, they can take some medicines to prevent its incidence.

④Drink more water before and after sexual life.

2. Glomerulonephritis

The patients with glomerulonephritis should pay more attention to sexual health in case of urinary tract infection. Meanwhile, pregnancy usually can aggravate illness condition. Generally speaking, the patients with acute glomerulonephritis can get pregnant 2~3 years later after routine urinalysis recovers normal. However, women with chronic glomerulonephritis usually are not recommended to get pregnant.

3. People with chronic renal insufficiency and on long-term dialysis

For this part of patients, as their illness condition is usually very serious, sexual dysfunction is very common in this part of people. However, in recent years, with the advancement in kidney transplant and hemodialysis, the patients’ survival rate has increased significantly. Even some young people can return to normal activities like job and their sexual function can recover normal.

The above are the main matters the patients with CKD should pay attention to during their sexual life. Healthy sexual life is beneficial to their recovery and help the patients enjoy a happy life.

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