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Can Kidney Disease Cause Muscle Cramps

2014-01-24 02:58

Can Kidney Disease Cause Muscle CrampsCan kidney disease cause muscle cramps? The answer is certain. Muscle cramp is a common symptom of kidney disease. Why kidney disease can cause muscle cramps? How to treat muscle cramp? In the following, you may find the answer.

Why kidney disease can cause muscle cramps?

-Low blood calcium and magnesium

Low blood levels of either calcium or magnesium directly increase the excitability of both the nerve endings and the muscles they stimulate. This may be a predisposing factor for the spontaneous true cramps.

Taking diuretics, excessive vomiting, inadequate calcium or magnesium in the diet, and high phosphorus, not enough vitamin D secretion by kidneys can also cause low blood calcium and magnesium.

-Low blood potassium

Sometimes low potassium can cause muscle cramps, although it is more common for low potassium to be associated with muscle weakness.

-Side effects of medicine

As we all know, kidney disease patients have to take many medicines, such as immunosuppressors, hypotensive drugs, glucocorticoid, diuretics and so on. Though these medicine help control the symptoms temporarily, they can not cure kidney disease. And if used for long term, they will cause many side effects. Muscle cramps is included.

How to treat muscle cramp?

When you are suffering from muscle cramp, there are some tips that can help you ease muscle cramp.

-Stretch and massage the muscle.

-Apply a hot or cold compress to your sore muscles at the first sign of a spasm.

-If your pain does not improve, you can try some muscle relaxer. But you should talk to your doctor, in case the medicine has nephrotoxicity.

We can also do something to prevent muscle cramps.

-Supply calcium and magnesium, and lower the intake of phosphorus.

Food high in calcium and magnesium includes dark leafy greens, beans, milk and so on. You can properly eat some of them in daily. You can also eat some fresh vegetables and fruits that contain rich vitamins.

All in all, muscle cramp is caused by kidney function impairment. To improve kidney function is the fundamental way to get rid of muscle cramps. You can contact our online doctors or leave us a message to learn how to improve kidney function.

If you send us email, please leave your phone number or WhatsApp/Viber (with country code) in email so that our renal expert can communicate with you timely and directly. We will do utmost to help you solve the problems.

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