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Big Stomach and Kidney Disease

2014-02-05 08:26

Big Stomach and Kidney DiseaseIs there any link between big stomach and kidney disease? Kidney is a very important organ which is located in the abdominal cavity, so when there is something goes wrong with our kidney, we may experience big stomach.

Causes for big stomach in kidney disease

Many kidney problems can cause the enlargement of abdomen, and the followings are the most common one:

1. Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic Kidney Disease is a genetic kidney disorder characterized by numbers of fluid collection in kidney. The fluid collection is called kidney cyst. They enlarge with the increase of fluid inside the cyst, so with no effective treatment, the kidney will be full of kidney cysts. In advanced stage, kidney becomes very large and it may take up the whole enterocoelia finally. And at that time, big stomach appears.

2. Fluid retention

Fluid retention is a common condition among kidney disease patients and it usually appears in eyelid, face and lower limbs firstly. After that, with the deterioration of illness condition, fluid retention will spread to the whole body. Big stomach appears when large amounts of fluid accumulate inside the enterocoelia. In such a case, patients may experience hard breath and shortness of breath. They may have difficulties in falling in sleep at night and to have a good rest, they usually need to make their upper body higher.

How to deal with big stomach caused by kidney disease?

For big stomach caused by Polycystic Kidney Disease, trying to shrink and reduce kidney cyst is very important. Large kidney cysts put extra oppress on surrounding kidney tissues and affect them from working normally. By shrinking and reducing cysts in kidney, not only big stomach can be avoided, residual kidney function can be protected as well.

However, for patients with big stomach caused by fluid retention, they need to limit fluid intake firstly, so as to avoid the worsening of illness condition. Besides, appearance of serious fluid retention in the belly usually indicate serious kidney problem, so in that case, patients usually need to do dialysis to remove excess fluid out of the body. This helps to deal with big stomach, but it can not solve problem radically. In cases of kidney disease, fluid builds up in the body as a result that kidneys fail to filter blood successfully. Therefore, only when kidney function is improved, can excess fluid in the body be removed from the root.

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