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How To Relieve Proteinuria And Keep Stable In CKD 5

2019-05-05 15:29

CKD 5,Relieve ProteinuriaCan Kidney Failure be cured? When will the indicators come down? Can CKD 5 be avoided? Can i avoid dialysis naturally? Following this article to get answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free.

Many patients will have repeated proteinuria, in the end how to make the Proteinuria stable, to avoid deterioration of renal function?

Before that, we need to understand the specific mechanism of urinary protein impairment of renal function, to understand the cause of disease in order to determine the direction of treatment.

1. Studies have found that urinary protein leakage can damage the basement membrane of the kidney, cause fibrosis of the kidney tissue, and greatly damage the kidney function. With the deepening of renal function damage, the blood control of the basement membrane of the kidney will increase, the charge barrier between the basement membrane will be damaged, permeability will continue to increase, and the situation of urinary protein will become more and more obvious.

2. Many external factors associated with the recurrence of urinary protein often increase the damage to kidney function. For example, it is often said that infection with cold will increase the immune complexes of the body. A large number of immune complexes can not be metabolized normally, resulting in the accumulation of toxins, and the kidney is overburdened. At the same time, some drugs for treating fever and cold have certain kidney toxicity. After kidney metabolism, it will not be beneficial to kidney function and aggravate the damage of kidney function.

In view of this, in order to maintain long-term stability of urinary protein and avoid deterioration of renal function, treatment should start from two aspects:

Eliminate the effect of internal overreaction on immune inflammation

Through the study of urinary protein impairment of renal function, we can easily find that the more intense the immune inflammation reaction, the more difficult urinary protein control, and the more difficult it is to delay the deterioration of renal function. Therefore, the excessive immune inflammation of kidney tissue should be alleviated and eliminated as far as possible.

Clinically, in the early stage of nephropathy, eliminating immune inflammation mainly uses hormones or immunosuppressive agents, which can significantly inhibit renal inflammation in hormone-sensitive patients. But for the patients who produce hormone resistance, we usually use the method of combined treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, taking into account the inhibition of hormones and the detoxification and maintenance of traditional Chinese medicine, curing the symptoms and the root causes, so as to realize the fundamental reduction of urinary protein.

Pay attention to the improvement of external factors such as diet, living and so on

While controlling and solving the internal causes, we can not ignore the influence of "foreign invasion", such as lifestyle, eating habits and so on.

Specifically for patients with urinary protein, in life to do a combination of work and rest without staying up late, excessive physical fatigue will increase the metabolic burden of the kidney, induce repeated urinary protein. Attention should also be paid to the prevention of infection, on the one hand, adhere to exercise, improve immunity; on the other hand, pay attention to hygiene, indoor ventilation and so on. In terms of diet, we should pay special attention to low salt and low protein, balanced diet, and give kidney function the greatest degree of dietary maintenance. If we persist, unexpected effects will appear.

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