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What Could Be Done for A Patient if 95%of Kidney Is Damaged

2013-11-10 15:04

What Could Be Done for A Patient if 95%of Kidney Is DamagedKidney is responsible for filtering wastes and toxins from the blood, when it is damaged, these wastes and toxins build up in the body, resulting in many symptoms and further damage to kidney. If 95% of kidney is damaged, it means that you are in the end stage renal disease. Your condition will become worse and worse, what could be done to maintain your life?

Conventional treatment

The conventional treatments are to replace the damaged kidney to work.


Dialysis is a treatment most often to see. It provides an artificial replacement for lost kidney function, which will discharge the wastes and fluid from the body. Though it can not cure kidney disease, it is a way to save your life. However, dialysis has side effects, such as skin itch, low blood pressure etc.

-Kidney transplant

Kidney transplant is to put a healthy kidney into your body to take place of the damaged one. But before a kidney transplant, you have to wait a long time for a suitable kidney. Sometimes your condition is not allowed to do such an operation.

New treatment

New treatment is mainly to repair the damaged kidney.

-Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy emerges recently. It is to reject stem cells into your body. Because the injured kidneys release cytokines, these stem cells will find the damaged place to differentiate into kidney specific cells so as to improve the function of kidneys.


Immunotherapy has been favored more and more by patients. Because it proves to have effect on kidney disease and even help some patients get rid of dialysis. This therapy combines many advanced medical technique. For example, plasmapheresis and hemoperfusion is used to purify blood. This treatment can help you regulate your immune system and repair the kidney. After a period of time, symptoms such as poor appetite, high blood pressure, fatigue, headache etc will disappear. If you insist on this treatment, proteinuria and blood urine disappear and the GFR also improves, as a result, you avoid dialysis and kidney transplant.

In addition to the above, you should also pay attention to your life style, including diet, exercise etc. Proper diet and exercise can be helpful for your condition.

Though 95% of kidney loses its function, do not lose hope. If you receive treatment actively, you can still live happily.

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