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Can High Creatinine and BUN Cause Lower Back Pain

2013-10-24 15:40

Can High Creatinine and BUN Cause Lower Back PainHigh creatinine and BUN level also occur along with many other symptoms such as decreased urine output and edema. Among them, lower back pain is also very common. Is lower back pain associated with elevated creatinine and BUN? Can high creatinine and BUN cause lower back pain?

Creatinine and urea, the source of BUN, are filtered by kidneys and excreted in urine, so creatinine and BUN level both are often used to detect kidney function. Because our kidneys have strong compensatory ability, creatinine and BUN usually won’t increase unless 50% of kidney function is lost.

Kidneys are located in lower back area, so many kidney disease patients complain of lower back pain. Even though high creatinine and BUN level can’t cause lower back pain directly, they indeed coexist in same people. Most often, pain in lower back or kidney area is due to the following conditions:

Kidney cyst or PKD

Kidney cyst or PKD is one common reason for lower back pain, because enlarged cysts are able to press the surrounding tissues and organs, so as to stretch the related nerves. If one kidney cyst ruptures, hematuria or lower back pain happens accordingly.

Kidney stone

Kidney stone, either calcium crystal or uric acid crystal, may cause sudden or sharp pain when it blocks the urinary tract or moves through it.

IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy progresses chronically, so patients usually don’t have any symptom in the early stage, but with its progress, more and more kidney functioning cells are damaged and then symptoms such as high creatinine and lower back pain occurs easily.

Urinary tract infections

It is reported that more than 90% of kidney disease is caused by low immune function, so kidney disease patients are more susceptible to infections as well as urinary tract infections, thus resulting in urinary tract infections.

If you experience high creatinine and BUN level and lower back pain, you had better take correct treatments to manage them. Otherwise, more severe complications may happen.

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