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How To Keep Renal Functions For Reducing Creatinine 6.9

Provided by Expert Zhang Youkang on 2019-03-05 14:07

Reducing Creatinine 6.9,Renal Functions,Creatinine 6.9Clinically, Creatinine is often regarded as one of the important indicators of renal function. Excessive creatinine indicates that the kidney may have problems. So, if the creatinine is not high, it means that the kidney function is stable, will not be kidney failure, on behalf of the kidney is now healthy?

High creatinine generally refers to high serum creatinine. Serum creatinine is a common indicator of renal function. Generally speaking, the normal value of serum creatinine is 44-133 umol/L. When serum creatinine exceeds 133 umol/L, it means kidney damage; 133 umol/L is inflammation injury stage, 186 umol/L is kidney function injury stage, 451 umol/L and above, basically has reached the stage of Renal Failure.

But! Even if serum creatinine is within the normal range, it is not certain that kidney function is healthy and normal at this time.

Why is that?

Serum creatinine can not accurately and timely reflect the status of renal function. The change of serum creatinine concentration is mainly determined by the glomerular filtration capacity (glomerular filtration rate), but when the kidney is initially damaged by pathology and there are no obvious symptoms of nephropathy, the glomerular filtration rate, although declining, does not show through the creatinine value.

Generally, only when the glomerular filtration rate decreases by more than 30%-50%, can the rise of serum creatinine be seen clinically. But often at this time, the kidney function has been seriously damaged.

Therefore, in order to detect and determine renal function, only through serum creatinine can not be seen, must be supplemented by other indicators to diagnose, in order to truly diagnose, which is the key to avoid progressive progress of renal function.

Of course, the focus of maintaining renal function is still on how to reduce creatinine.

If we want to reduce serum creatinine in a real sense, it is impossible to rely only on drugs such as Duqing, Aixite, Oxystarch-coated aldehyde, and Kaitong. The treatment of nephropathy by these drugs is "symptomatic and not disease-free", and can not achieve the ultimate goal of treatment.

Therefore, creatinine depressant must first prevent the continued decline of renal function, that is, to eliminate renal damage and protect the existing renal function; then to improve the status of renal ischemia and hypoxia, restore some of the renal function; and finally to clean up the blood of creatinine, urea nitrogen and other harmful substances.

That is to say, reducing serum creatinine must start from restoring renal function.

Chinese Herbal Medicine has good effects on improving kidney functions through repairing damaged kidney. And creatinine 6.9 can be reduced naturally.

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