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How To Fight With Diabetic Nephropathy Successfully

2018-08-30 10:32

 Patients, Creatinine 8.7,Small Kidneys(1) High quality low protein diet. In the early stage of diabetic nephropathy, high-quality low-protein diet should be given. Those with edema and hypertension should be limited to sodium, and low-salt diet should be given.

(2) Effective control of hypertension. Hypertension not only accelerates the progression of diabetic glomerulopathy, but also aggravates diabetic retinopathy. Effective control of hypertension can reduce urinary protein excretion, slow down the decline of renal function and prolong the life span of patients. When blood pressure is greater than 18.62/11.97 kPa (140/90 mmHg), antihypertensive therapy should be taken.

(3) Strict control of blood sugar. Clinical and experimental studies have shown that metabolic disorders, chronic hyperglycemia, is the main cause of diabetic microangiopathy. It has been confirmed that continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion can effectively control the progression of nephropathy.

(4) Active treatment of urinary tract infection. Urinary catheterization should be strictly prohibited.

(5) Avoid the use of toxic drugs and radiography.

(6) Integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine "micro Chinese medicine osmotic therapy". According to the theory of blocking renal fibrosis, the effective ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine compound were microprocessed by high-tech, and the damaged nephron was repaired by using the characteristics of the active substances of traditional Chinese medicine.

(7) Patients with uremia during the critical period can be treated with dialysis. Dialysis, including peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis, can play the role of "artificial kidney" in the treatment process, can timely discharge toxins from the body, but can not fundamentally repair the damaged kidney, long-term use will produce dependence, and in the process of micronization of traditional Chinese medicine osmotic treatment of uremia, timely use of dialysis treatment, for Renal repair provides a good environment for prolonging dialysis time and improving the quality of life of patients, a small number of patients can get rid of dialysis.

(8) Renal transplantation. Kidney transplantation is the last choice for patients with diabetic nephropathy without urine. Compared with non-diabetic uremic patients, diabetic patients had a lower survival rate and graft survival rate after kidney transplantation. Therefore, patients should be carefully considered before choosing.

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