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Diabetic with Kidney Function 31%: How to Slow the Progression

2014-02-05 07:18

Diabetic with Kidney Function 31%: How to Slow the ProgressionBecause of our present lifestyle and diet habit, diabetes has been the leading cause of chronic kidney disease. If kidney function is at 31%, it means diabetics’ kidney disease has aggravated into stage 3. If left alone, it may progress to stage 3 or even stage 4. What can we do to slow the progression?

Diabetes disturbs kidney filtering system mainly by damaging tiny blood vessels within kidneys. From clinical test, we can find patients’ glomerular basement membrane (GBM) thickens and extracellular matrix accumulates in glomeruli. During the progression of diabetic kidney disease, or diabetic nephropathy, blood pressure increases gradually that can increase the progression of chronic kidney disease into kidney failure.

To slow down this progression, we should try to manage diabetes, lower high blood pressure, change the state of GBM and cleanse extracellular matrix. Additionally, it is a must to repair damaged kidney cells. As long as these goals are achieved, kidney function level will increase naturally.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy along with Stem Cell Therapy is one good treatment choice. The former treatment aims at fixing damaged glomerular basement membrane by improving kidney microcirculation, degrading extracellular matrix and increasing blood flow into kidneys. Once glomeruli can do their job properly, it means kidney filtration function rises.

To prompt the regeneration of damaged kidney cells, consolidation treatment, Stem Cell Therapy, is also needed. In specific environment, certain CIK cells and interleukin 12 are used to differentiate into damaged kidney cells. Therefore, damaged kidney cells can be dealt with from the root. When patients’ kidney function rises from 31% to a higher level, we can know their illness condition is reversed successfully.

Besides, a healthy diet plan and lifestyle is indispensable. If eating food without limitation, high blood sugar and diabetic kidney disease relapse easily. From this point, we can know a correct diet plan and lifestyle is one guarantee for persistent therapeutic effects.

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