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Risks Caused by Kidney Transplant in Diabetic Nephropathy

2012-12-13 16:45

Due to the high blood sugar levels, kidneys are easily affected by diabetes. This is called diabetic nephropathy in clinic. And when diabetes kidney problem develops, kidney failure usually is the eventual disease. At that time, kidney transplant will be a recommended treatment. However, some risks will follows with the therapy.

Compared with nondiabetic patients, the patients with Diabetes have to take more risks.

- The immunity of the patients with Diabetic Kidney Disease is very weak so they are susceptible to infections. Frequent and serious infections can reduce the success rate of kidney transplant drastically.

- The patients with Diabetes are usually companied by vascular diseases and haemorrhage, the surgery may aggravate these conditions.

- The patients have to use immunosuppressive drugs life time, it will have detrimental effects on pancreatic beta cell function as well as peripheral insulin action. This will increase the recrudescence of the diabetic lesions in the transplanted kidney significantly. It is a major risk for the patients.

- High blood glucose level makes the wound heal slowly and poorly.

For so many risks of kidney transplant for patients with Diabetic Kidney Disease, many patients are wondering if there is an alternative therapy to the transplant.

To reduce the risks followed by treatment, choosing a natural therapy seems a good choices. For diabetes, Chinese herbal medicine is used to lower the high blood sugar or related symptoms.

Some Chinese medicines which are commonly used are those which tonify the yin. This includes the medicines Liu Wei Di Huang and Da Bu Yin Wan. In addition, herbs and acupuncture are often added to treat complications of diabetes such as peripheral neuropathy, cataracts, etc. For diabetes involving the kidneys marked by frequent urination, use Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan (Golden Book Pills) instead of Liu Wei Di Huang Wan. Use the single herb Hu Lu Ba (fenugreek).

Various Chinese herbal medicines, such as Jiangtang Bushen, Xiaoke huaya and Tang Kang yin, are tested for diabetes. Experts pointed out that in traditional Chinese medicine, herbs are recommended based on individuals' unique situations, and not as a one-size-fits-all prescription.

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