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GFR 11 and Creatinine 460 in End Stage Kidney Failure

2013-12-14 16:03

GFR 11 and Creatinine 460 in End Stage Kidney FailureGFR test and creatinine test both are reliable indicators of kidney condition. GFR 11 and creatinine 460 reveals kidney disease has progressed into end stage kidney failure. Since patients still have certain level of kidney function, some treatments may help them reverse their kidney condition so as to prevent dialysis and kidney transplant.

What is GFR and creatinine?

GFR is one test that measures how much blood flow through glomeruli every minute. Creatinine is one small molecular substance discharged out of the body via kidneys. Normally, nearly all of creatinine can enter into urine from the blood every day, so the level of creatinine in blood can also reflect how well kidneys are working.

GFR 11 and creatinine 460

With healthy kidneys, GFR is above 90ml/min/1.73 m2, and creatinine in the blood ranges between 44 and 133 umol/L. The lower GFR and higher serum creatinine level, the more kidney function lost. GFR 11 and creatinine 460 does indicate chronic kidney failure has developed into end stage.

Since kidneys are still functioning at 11%, it means some kidney inherent cells are still playing their filtration function, some others are only damaged, but the remaining cells are necrotic. To improve patients’ GFR and lower 460, we should make the damaged but not necrotic kidney cells recover to work again.

How to do with GFR 11 and creatinine 460?

From the above analysis, we can get the information that patients with end stage kidney failure had better take some kidney repairing treatments. The combination of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy is a good choice.

First of all, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help normalize blood circulation and increase the blood flow through kidneys, by expanding blood vessels and dissolving waste products in the blood. This therapy can provide a clean environment and enough nutrition for the following treatments. Then, Stem Cell Therapy is taken to make stem cells differentiate into kidney inherent cells. Once new cells replace damaged kidney cells to work, patients’ GFR can be improved largely, let alone reducing creatinine level.

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