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How to Manage Gout in FSGS

2013-04-07 16:52

Patients with FSGS have a relatively prevalence of gout compared with the general population. Gout can cause horrible pain in joints. How to manage gout in FSGS effectively?

How does gout occur in FSGS?

Uric acid is normally filtered by kidneys. However, when the kidneys are damaged, they will fail to remove wastes from body adequately.As a result,the uric acids will build up in the blood.Additionally, certain medications for FSGS such as water pills can also increase uric acid levels.

How is gout treated in FSGS?

Medications for gout in FSGS

Prednisone is a kind of common medicine for gout. Prednisone can be taken with food to reduce stomach upset.It can help control acute gout attack.However,long-term use of prednisone can bring may side effects.

Allopurinol is used to prevent gout attacks and is used in people who experience gout frequently.This medicine can help reduce the levels of uric acid in the blood. Allopurinol should be taken everyday.

Colchicine is often used at the first sign of a gout attack as it is most effective then.Then the doctor will adjust the dose based on renal function and side effects.

Lifestyle changes

Moderate alcohol consumption:Alcohol can cause gout relapse as well as raise blood pressure in FSGS.It is a wise choice to reduce alcohol  consumption.Beer is especially high in yeast, which can aggravate gout symptoms. However, it does not mean the patients with FSGS should have no alcohol at all. Is It Ok to Drink Alcohol If You Have FSGS

A low purine diet:Purine gets broken down into uric acid in the body. Uric acid buildup leads directly to gout attacks. By eating less of the foods that are rich in uric acid, it can help the patients ward off the worst gout flare ups.

Water: If the patients with FSGS have no serious kidney damage and fluid retention,they are recommended to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

The above are some ways to treat gout in FSGS. For more information, please consult us on line.

If you send us email, please leave your phone number or WhatsApp/Viber (with country code) in email so that our renal expert can communicate with you timely and directly. We will do utmost to help you solve the problems.

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