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Treatment for FSGS with GFR 51

2014-04-08 06:18

Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) measures how much blood is filtered by glomeruli. It is an important parameter in measuring how well your kidneys are functioning. In FSGS, as glomeruli become inflamed and scarred, low GFR will be the result. What is the treatment for FSGS with GFR 51?

FSGS with GFR 51

Glomeruli with tiny holes act as filters in kidneys. Each kidney is composed of thousands of glomeruli. These glomeruli have mechanical barrier and charge barrier. When blood flows through glomeruli, the waste products can be filtered out and useful substances will be preserved in body.

However, in FSGS, glomeruli become inflamed and scarred, thus failing to filter blood adequately. As a result, low GFR will be the result.

A FSGS patient with GFR 51 is in stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD). As the kidneys are just damaged in moderation, the patients still have high chance of reversing kidney damage.

Treatment for FSGS with GFR 51

To treat FSGS with GFR 51 effectively, a treatment should be applied to repair the impaired glomeruli and increase the number of functioning glomeruli.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an effective treatment option for people with the condition. Firstly, the effective medicines can suppress the inflammatory response in kidneys and stop the releasing of inflammatory factors into blood. Thereby, it can stop further renal function deterioration.

In addition, Chinese medicines can stimulate the self-repairing of the impaired kidney tissues and cells. If the number of functioning glomeruli can be increased, more blood will be filtered by glomeruli. Thereby, FSGS with GFR 51 will be controlled fundamentally.

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