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Pay More Attention to Focal segmental glomerular sclerosis,Please

2014-08-02 02:40

What is FSGS?

Focal segmental glomerular sclerosis (FSGS) is the common cause which could lead to nephrotic syndrome and kidney failure in children and adolescents.primary glomerular disease .The histopathological features are that the glomerular segmental is scar with or without foam cell formation and adhesion in glomerular capillary.Focal refers to only a part of glomerulus is involved (involved part< 50%). Segmental refers to the part of the glomerulus leaflet is involved; Glomeruloscierosis refers to the entire glomerular periodic hyaline changes or scarring.

Why do you got the disease?

Focal segmental glomerular sclerosis have a variety of pathogenic factors. Such as poisoning, humoral immunity and hemodynamic changing, all can cause the damage of capillary wall, making the macromolecular protein appear and retention. Immunoglobulin deposition combing with C1q and C3 lead to podocyte degeneration. Epithelial cells would go into myofibroblast behind the damage, causing glomerular sclerosis.

What is the effective treatment for the disease?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is our feature treatment, which is natural and effective.

The process of activating blood circulation, dredging meridians to expand all levels of arteries and improving microcirculation (activate the metabolism of the damaged kidney intrinsic cells)

1.Expand the renal arteries and alimentary tract arteries to increase the effective blood perfusion of kidney and the whole body.

2.Improve the partial microcirculation to increase oxygen supply and metabolism.

3.Relieve the disorder of internal environment caused by lack of oxygen.

4.Reduce toxic symptom.

The process of removing stasis and detoxification (degradation and apoptosis of fiber cells)

1.Traditional Chinese Medicine active substance targets in damaged renal fibrosis tissue, muscle fibrosis cells and immune complex.

2.Closely combine with focal fibrosis tissue, muscle fibrosis cells and immune complex.

3.After combination, a series of effective ingredients can be released, they will attack to the focal fibrosis tissues and immune complex, which will cause the breakup of fibrosis tissues and the muscle fibrosis cells, and they will be swallowed by phagocytes which are activated, and then they will be discharged from the body.

4.Traditional Chinese Medicine active substances also can activate a series of degrading enzyme, which will release the extracellular matrix and immune complex, block fibrosis deterioration chain.

The process of repair, rebuild and neogenesis

1.Activating the metabolism function of the damaged renal cells.

2.Improving the internal environment disorder and the lack of oxygen of the patients suffering from renal failure.

3.Supplying the necessary substances to repair kidney: vitamin, microelement, amino acid and protein.

4.Repairing the glomerular mechanical barrier and the organization structure of electrostatic barrier, to recover the function of glomerular selective filtration.

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