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Recurrent Hematuria and IgA Nephropathy: Causes and Treatments

2014-02-01 00:00

Recurrent Hematuria and IgA Nephropathy: Causes and TreatmentsSo many patients with IgA Nephropathy complain that their hematuria, or blood in urine, comes and goes again and again. This may cause their worry and fear easily. Is hematuria a sign of IgA Nephropathy aggravation? What is the cause and treatment of recurrent hematuria for IgA Nephropathy patients?

Causes of recurrent hematuria in IgA Nephropathy

Communicating with your doctor, you must learn that IgA Nephropathy is one autoimmune disease that is featured by predominant immunoglobulin A (IgA) building up in glomerular mesangial area and causing inflammatory reactions. For human’s inner body system, glomerular mesangial area is responsible for filtering out extra fluid, waste products and toxins and keeping useful substances in the blood. Once it is damaged, some useful substances will leak from the body, such as red blood cells and protein. Red blood cells leak into urine, resulting in hematuria or blood in urine.

Besides damage to glomerular mesangial area, urinary tract infection is another reason. Quite a number of IgA Nephropathy patients also suffer from this problem. If you find your hematuria is accompanied by frequent or painful urination, it may reveal your hematuria is due to urinary tract infections.

Treatments for recurrent hematuria in IgA Nephropathy

As we all know, the best treatment should always be depended on patients’ illness conditions. Now, we have known how IgA Nephropathy causes recurrent hematuria, so the following treatments should be taken.

1. Drink enough water or cranberry juice: It is reported that pure water is best cleaner for urinary tract, while cranberry juice has a property of preventing and treating urinary tract infections. If your hematuria is due to this problem, remember to drink enough water or cranberry juice and have more rest in bed.

2. Use correct antibiotics: If water is not enough to deal with your hematuria, you can try antibiotics with online doctor’s guidance.

3. Polluted Blood Therapy: Compared with the above treatments, this therapy aims at managing hematuria from the root. On one hand, Polluted Blood Therapy uses some blood purification methods to remove IgA and other immune complexes from the body. On the other hand, some Chinese medicines which have effects of repairing damaged kidney cells and regulating patients’ immune system are applied based on patients’ specific condition.

Of course, some auxiliary methods such as Acupuncture, circle therapy and Foot Bath, may be also used to strengthen patients’ therapeutic effects. To learn which treatment plan is good for you, you had better let online doctor get an overview of your individual case firstly.

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