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What Are Complex Renal Cyst Symptoms

2012-10-13 16:29

Complex renal cysts are one type of renal cysts and they may be malignant in nature. Therefore, early inspection and treatment is very important for the patients. The patients usually present the following symptoms.

In most cases, the patients with complex renal cysts do not show up symptoms.The condition is usually detected accidentally when an individual undergoes exams for other ailment. However, if the complex renal cysts keep enlarging or cancerate, the following symptoms may occur.

* The patients can have a dull throbbing pain in their lower back region, especially in the kidney area. This symptom is similar to the kidney stones symptom.

* Blood in urine can be observed. It may be attributable to two factors. As the cysts enlarge, they may rupture, leading to blood in urine. On the other hand, kidney infection can be seen in people with complex renal cysts and it also a cause of hematuria. If serious cases of infection, the patients may also suffer from fever, vomiting and nausea.

* Upper abdominal pain and pressure is also one of the symptoms of complex renal cysts. The enlarging cysts compress kidney tissues and other orangs, thus leading to upper abdominal pain. On the other hand, the stretching of fibrous tissue of kidneys also can cause upper abdominal pain and pressure.

Once the patients with complex renal cysts show symptoms, they should seek for treatment at once. If left untreated, more and more kidney tissues will be damaged. Consequently, renal failure will occur.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a new treatment option. It can shrink the cysts externally free of invasive effects on body. Meanwhile, it can stimulate the regeneration of impaired kidney tissues and cells to improve renal function. In this way, it can help the patients with complex renal cysts avoid develop renal failure.

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