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Natural Treatments for Recurrent Kidney Cyst and Stone

2013-09-30 09:30

Natural Treatments for Recurrent Kidney Cyst and StoneAre you suffering from recurrent kidney cyst and stone? If so, you must be wearisome to do surgery again and again. Kidney cyst and kidney stone both are common kidney disorders especially for elderly adults, and surgery is used commonly to remove large kidney cyst and stone. However, when patients get recurrence, most of them try to find some natural treatments.

Why does kidney cyst and stone recur?

To remove large kidney cyst, doctors usually recommend aspiration in which the doctor punctures the cyst with a long needle inserted through skin and then fill the empty punch with substances containing alcohol. Alcohol makes the cyst to harden. However, in some cases, a cyst will return and refill with fluid, and doctors have to recommend one more surgery.

As for kidney stone, its onset is attributed to many factors such as infections, environmental factors, unhealthy diet, kidney disease, etc. Surgery can remove kidney stone directly, but it can’t help manage the root causes. This is the reason kidney stone relapses easily.

Are there natural treatments for recurrent kidney cyst and stone?

According to the causes for formation of kidney cyst and stone, there is better treatment option than surgery in clinic. Kidney experts call it Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Through the following effects, this therapy can help prevent the recurrence of kidney cyst and stone.

1. Dissolve kidney stone: The active ingredients of herbs in this therapy can help soften and break down kidney stone. After a period of treatment, patients can find cotton-like materials in their urine. This means kidney stone is dissolved and discharged from the body via urine.

2. Shrink kidney cyst: Different from complex kidney cyst and kidney tumor, small kidney cyst won’t cause any problem. Therefore, for kidney cyst, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy aims at shrinking kidney cyst by reabsorbing sac fluid and inhibiting the refilling.

3. Normalize inner body system: Herbal medicines compared with western medicines have an outstanding superiority to regulating patients’ internal environment. Only if their inner body system recovers to normal, kidney cyst and stones can’t recur again.

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