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Why Fried Chicken Causes Kidney Failure In Children

2019-02-13 11:35

Causes Kidney Failure,Fried Chicken,In ChildrenWith the improvement of living standards, eating is getting better and better, but too much food will cause many diseases. So you need to eat in moderation. At present, every family will choose the best food for a child, let the child eat uncontrollably leading to obesity.

Fried chicken is a favorite food for children, and the chewing is more fragrant and delicious. But if you eat too much, it can cause many diseases.

At present, many parents will say that children eat fried chicken is not conducive to health, and will cause kidney failure. Fried chicken is fried food and long-term eating high protein and high calorie food, and repeated use of fried chicken oil, or will cause certain damage to the kidney.

Never give your child fried chicken chops, the child will suffer from kidney failure! For a while, parents have a lot of discussions. Does eating fried chicken steak really lead to kidney failure? Where is the health hazard of eating fried chicken steak for a long time for children?

In the present life, although many people suffer from renal failure, people still know little about renal failure, and some people do not even know what the disease is. Simply put, kidney failure is the pathological change of our kidney function. Serious diseases may also cause other organs.

The emergence of renal failure has caused serious harm to everyone. We must adopt the best method to treat this disease, but the premise is that we should first understand its symptoms. Now the common early symptoms are as follows:

1. Physical discomfort: As toxins and waste accumulate in the body, patients may feel uncomfortable. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, poor night sleep, lack of appetite, itching and fatigue.

2. Edema: Edema may occur in some patients. Reduction of urine volume in medical education Edema of hands, feet and ankles. Other symptoms include shortness of breath and swelling around the eyes.

3. Anemia: Anemia occurs because kidney function is impaired and does not produce enough hormones to make red blood cells. Anemic people often feel cold and tired. Anemia in the early symptoms of chronic renal failure is mainly caused by long-term malnutrition, erythropoietin reduction and hemolysis.

Renal failure is a long-term need to take drugs, and serious complications such as uremia, so children try to eat less fried chicken, to change bad eating habits. If children find any abnormalities, they should go to the hospital for medical examination in time.

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