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Two Conditions Of Kidney Disease Can Avoid Dialysis

2019-03-24 13:55

Avoid Dialysis,Kidney DiseaseThe development of Chronic Kidney Disease is generally divided into five stages:

Compensatory phase of chronic kidney disease

Decompensated stage of nephropathy

Renal insufficiency

Chronic renal failure

Uremic stage. This is the trend of most chronic kidney disease, but it is not absolute. Will the specific condition of uremia? When uremia will occur, we should also take a comprehensive look at the pathological type, disease performance, patient cooperation and the degree of final treatment.

Some patients feel that there are only four stages from onset to uremia. In such a short time, nephropathy can only wait for uremia. But if you have this idea, you will inadvertently miss the opportunity to get rid of uremia.

Not all kidney diseases go to uremia. These two cases are exceptions:

1. Acute renal failure without substantial damage

When acute renal failure occurs, the symptoms are similar to those of chronic renal failure. Generally, creatinine, uric acid, urea nitrogen and other indicators will rise sharply. The detection of glomerular filtration rate will continue to decline, accompanied by water and electrolyte disorders, which will lead to serious complications such as hyperkalemia and anemia.

The difference between chronic renal failure and chronic renal failure is that there is no substantial damage, and renal function is only temporary decline.

Acute renal failure (ARF) is an acute injury of renal tubules. The main causes include abuse of nephrotoxic drugs, severe infections, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases. Generally, through active dialysis treatment, the acute progression factors can be controlled in time, and the patients'various functions, including renal function, can be completely restored.

Note: Here we exclude severe acute tubular necrosis.

2. Rapid progression of chronic kidney disease

Recurrence and deterioration sometimes occur in the course of nephropathy treatment, one of which needs special attention - rapid progress of renal function. Attention should be paid to the factors causing rapid progress, including infection, fever, trauma and other factors leading to a sudden increase in creatinine, uric acid and other indicators, and sudden acute deterioration of renal function.

In this case, don't panic, first go to the hospital and communicate with the doctor in time, first find the factors of urgency, generally more infections, including respiratory tract infections, urinary system infections, oral infections, and so on, and then for the timely removal of acute factors, targeted treatment for serum creatinine, proteinuria, uric acid and other indicators, in order to avoid causing more serious damage to renal function. Timely treatment often does not lead directly to uremia.

For this type of kidney disease, the key is to seize the opportunity of treatment, so kidney friends must pay attention to the detection of kidney function in peacetime to prevent accidents.

For patients with renal insufficiency and substantial impairment, it is often difficult to reverse renal function. What we need to do is to delay the progress of renal function as far as possible, to prevent the recurrence of various symptoms, and to create a better living environment for renal function.

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