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Can Renal Functions Be Reversed By Chinese Herbal Medicines

2019-04-10 09:32

Chinese Herbal Medicines,Renal Functions,ReversedAfter kidney damage, various functions, including filtration, detoxification and regulation, have decreased to varying degrees, and it is difficult to reverse that is the root cause of the development of chronic kidney disease into uremia.

Is kidney function really irreversible?

It is not always the case that renal function is less damaged in the early stage of nephropathy and can be completely repaired by active treatment. After the development of renal insufficiency, many factors, including various symptoms such as edema, proteinuria, various complications such as hypertension, and some rapid factors such as drug damage, make it more difficult to reverse.

When is the best time to reverse kidney function?

For all patients with nephropathy, early detection, early treatment, early review. It is possible to reverse renal function.

How to prevent further deterioration of renal function and keep uremia out?

Protect the residual kidney function and turn decay into strength. Don't waste the lost kidney function!

Most patients with nephropathy are committed to restoring damaged renal function after discovering nephropathy, but insufficient protection of the remaining renal function leads to the gradual loss of renal function, leading to renal failure.

Three aspects can effectively reverse renal function:

1. Control the "Three High" and Protect the Kidney's Survival Environment

The "three high" factors affecting renal function include hypertension, hyperuricemia and hyperglycemia (diabetes). The impaired renal function leads to abnormal blood flow, which can easily lead to vascular diseases, including hypertension, hyperglycemia, poor metabolic capacity and subsequent hyperuricemia. These abnormalities, in turn, can aggravate the ischemia and hypoxia of kidney cells, making the environment of kidney formation worse.

Therefore, we must pay attention to these factors which directly affect renal function. In addition to taking medication on time, it is important to improve daily living habits, adhere to a low-salt, low-sugar, low-purine diet in order to reduce the metabolic burden of the kidney. In addition, more exercise and normal weight can help to control pressure, sugar and acid, maintain the long-term stability of these indicators, create a good environment for the recovery of renal function, and lay a solid foundation for adherence.

2. Prevention and treatment of acute progressive factors and avoidance of renal "secondary trauma"

In the course of nephropathy treatment, patients are most worried about some factors of acute progression, such as repeated infection, drug damage, etc. This will directly accelerate the process of renal function, shorten the distance from uremia, often unprepared.

The two most common acute factors are infection. In addition to the low immunity caused by nephropathy itself, combined with the use of hormones and immunosuppressive drugs, nephropathy patients become susceptible to "infections", such as respiratory tract infections, colds, urinary infections and so on. To prevent infection, one is to exercise properly and eat reasonably to improve resistance. The other is to get vaccinated in time far away from the places where there are many people, so that October is the best time to prevent colds.

Drug-induced renal injury. The more drugs used in nephropathy treatment, the higher the risk of drug damage. In addition, some patients think that the more drugs used, the better the effect. Blindly increasing drugs or seeking partial prescriptions are also one of the reasons for kidney injury.

To minimize the risk of drug-induced kidney damage, on the one hand, nephropathy patients must strictly comply with the doctor's advice, not to increase or decrease or change medication selfishly. Some patients will also leave messages or consult about medication. Generally, I would suggest that you should communicate with your doctor when changing medication.

3. Bring the Advantages of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine into Full Play and Draw on the Advantages to Make up the Disadvantages

To protect the residual renal function, on the one hand, it is necessary to inhibit the continuing damage of kidney caused by inflammation, proteinuria, hypertension and other symptoms. In this regard, western medicine often has a faster therapeutic effect and plays an important role. On the one hand, expelling blood endotoxin, dredging blood circulation, guaranteeing blood oxygen supply of kidney and kidney cells, TCM characteristic therapy and some traditional Chinese medicines such as medicinal bath and moxibustion have certain effects, which are more conducive to the recovery of the disease.

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