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Symptoms of Kidney Failure in Men

2013-06-30 15:30

Kidney failure refers to a condition in which the kidneys fail to work adequately to perform functions.In early stages, the disease often occurs asymptomatically.However,as the disease progresses, a myriad of symptoms will occur. Signs and symptoms of kidney failure in men mainly include:

Body changes

Men with kidney failure may experience some body changes related to their condition or treatment. Symptoms such as breath and body odor, complexion problems, weight gain or unusual facial or body hair may be present.

Flank pain

Flank pain is another symptom of kidney failure in men. There is a variety of possible causes of flank pain, such as, inflammation, infection, bleeding etc. If severe pain occurs, it is urgent to seek for aggressive treatment.

Sexual problem

A whole of sexual problems may occur in people men with Kidney Failure. These problems are due to multiple factors. Fatigue makes a man tired of sex, along with low sex drive due to something wrong with the endocrine system. Additionally,erectile dysfunction, body changes and some negative emotions like worry and stress, fear are also attributable factors to sexual problems in men with kidney failure. Does Kidney Disease Cause Infertility in Men

Weight gain

If the kidneys fail to remove extra fluid from body, it will lead to retention of fluid in body, thus resulting in weight gain. Meanwhile, swelling can occur in several parts of body, such as, eyelids, ankles. Have a question? Get an answer from a Medical Professional now!


Kidney failure can lead to a build-up of acid in the body and urea in the bloodstream, which can lead to general weakness and lethargy. The patients often experience loss of appetite and difficult breathing as the lungs try to buffer the acidity in the body by blowing off carbon dioxide more quickly.


Fatigue is a common symptom of kidney failure in men an women. It is a result of anemia as the kidneys can not produce EPO normally.

The above is a list of common symptoms of kidney failure in men. If you would like more facts about the disease, please consult us on line.

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