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The Relationship between Nosebleed and Kidney Failure

2014-06-23 09:01

The Relationship between Nosebleed and Kidney FailureNosebleed,or called epistaxis,is the relatively common occurrence of hemorrhage from the nose, usually noticed when the blood drains out through the nostrils. It is a common emergency and maybe occur at any age. Here the article will make a simple explanation about it and kidney disease. Contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details quickly and directly for free.

Kidney Failure is a progressive loss of renal function over several months or years. As the disease worsens,patients’ renal function will be damaged badly. At the same time,patients’ systemic multiple systems and organs will also be affected and damaged badly. Many serious symptoms and complications will appear,effecting patients’ daily life and aggravating their disease condition.

For most of people,they pay rarely notice the root cause of nosebleed,which connives the exacerbation of renal failure. But actually,it may be caused by some serious diseases. Kidney Failure is one reason of nosebleed.

1. Renal Hypertension.

Owing to the renal damage,lots of water,toxin and metabolite in blood will increase patients’ high blood pressure,aggravating the disease condition. Then it may cause the nosebleed.

2. Arteriosclerosis

For patients with Kidney Failure, arteriosclerosis is a common symptom caused by the accumulation of toxin. Superadding the stimulating of high blood pressure,blood vessels in nasal cavity may rupture,causing bleeding.

3. Anemia

Owing to the renal damage,the generation of EPO (erythropoietin) will be reduced,leading to anemia. The blood platelet will also be reduced,effecting the coagulation function and causing bleeding.

4. Infection

Due to the leakage of massive protein,patients’ immunity will also be damaged badly,making the infections occurs easily. Once the infection effects patients’ nasal cavity or nasal capillary,bleeding in nose will occur.

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