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How to Alleviate the Itching Skin in Kidney Failure

2012-10-06 11:33

Living with kidney failure is not easy. Amongst all the sufferings, itching skin is a leading trouble. It just pops up time to time, causing constant frustration.

Why kidney failure causes itching skin?

Kidneys are very important organs to keep your internal environment stable and favorable. Kidneys work to remove the waste products from the body and keep various electrolytes in a normal level.

When you are in kidney failure, your kidneys cannot work properly. As a result, phosphates and uremic toxins build up in your body. Uremia is the build up of nitrogenous waste products in the blood (urea) that are typically eliminated via the urine. The build up of phosphates and uremic is the reason why you feel itching.

How to alleviate the itching skin in kidney failure?

- Take special bath. Peppermint bath: there is a number of ways you can do this, either grab a handful of peppermint leaves from your garden, crush them in your hand, and place them in a bath. Or, buy a box of 100% peppermint tea bags, and place 4 teabags within a lukewarm bath.

Baking soda bath: Soak yourself for 15-30 minutes using a cup of baking soda per full bath tub. This works by drawing out the toxins. However, if the skin is broken, baking soda should not be used.

Medicated Bath: soak yourself in the cop of herbal extraction and talk with your therapist. He will figure out the herbs which work for you.

- Improve your kidney health. You should always remember that the underlying cause is the failed kidneys. Thereby, applying treatment to improve your overall kidney health. Applying a bit of cream might give you some short term relief but will never help you heal the underlining cause. Various therapies are available in repairing the damaged kidneys, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Immunotherapy and Blood Purification etc.

- Seek professional help! Always seek professional help if it just getting too much. It very may well be a symptom of kidney failure, but it could be something else all together, and therefore require another treatment altogether. When doubt, seek advice.

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