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What Are The Treatments For Uremia To Relieve Symptoms Effectively

2019-01-21 14:24

Treatments For Uremia,Relieve SymptomsConservative therapy: The decompensated period of chronic renal failure can be treated with conservative therapy to delay the progress of the disease.

(1) Dietary therapy. Low protein diet can avoid the accumulation of nitrogen-containing metabolic wastes and toxicants in the body and further deteriorate renal function. Low phosphorus diet can alleviate calcium deposition in the remnant nephron. Supplying enough calories to reduce protein decomposition is conducive to alleviating azotemia. "Carbohydrates should account for 40% of the general diet, fat should account for 30%-40%.

(2) Treatment of hypertension.

(3) Calcium ion antagonists, such as Xintongding, were used.

(4) Oral oxidized starch and other adsorbents can decrease blood urea nitrogen.

(5) Calcium and vitamin oral treatment of renal osteopathy.

(6) Increasing the intake of iron and erythropoietin is beneficial to the improvement of renal anemia, and erythropoietin can be used when necessary. But the above methods are difficult to work.

(7) Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has good effects on preventing uremia and treat kidney failure, which can help repair damaged kidney to achieve improving kidney functions and rebuilding kidney structures.

Nitrogen retention is evident in patients with azotemia, but only primary kidney disease, or headache, fatigue, poor appetite and other symptoms can be found clinically.

1. General symptoms: pale and gray face, fatigue and emaciation.

2. Gastrointestinal manifestations: the earliest and most prominent manifestation of the disease. Anorexia, abdominal discomfort, followed by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, glossitis, oral ulcers, breath has a urinary odor, later can cause gastrointestinal bleeding and appear black stool and hematemesis.

3. Spiritual and neurological manifestations: headache, dizziness, trance, indifference, lethargy, lethargy, even coma. Anxiety, muscle tremor, convulsions and convulsions are also common in late stage.

4. Cardiovascular manifestations: elevated blood pressure, arrhythmias are common; cellulosic pericarditis and heart failure may occur in the late stage.

5. Hematopoietic manifestations: severe anemia, late bleeding symptoms.

6. Respiratory manifestations: deep and long breathing in acidosis. Late stage can cause urotoxic bronchitis, pneumonia and pleurisy.

7. Skin manifestations: Skin without lustre, dry and desquamating. After urea is excreted from sweat glands, it can coagulate into a white urea cream, which can irritate the skin and cause itching.

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