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How To Relieve Proteinuria And Edema Help Avoid Kidney Failure 5 Stage

2019-02-25 14:12

Kidney Failure 5 Stage,Relieve Proteinuria,EdemaNephropathy is a disease of the kidney, including other related complications.

Why patients get Kidney Failure?

Kidney is very special, it is composed of two capillary groups, just countless blood vessels, so all the problems related to blood will have an impact on the kidney.

This effect is mainly in three aspects: the first is the excessive immune inflammatory response, the second is ischemia and hypoxia, and the third is cell proliferation or necrosis.

Almost all kidney diseases have evolved from the above three aspects. The main culprit is the immune complex.

Why can't nephropathy be cured well?

For these reasons, not all hospitals have found it.

How is the general hospital treated? Urine protein, occult blood high, use hormones. If it's swollen, use diuretics. When blood pressure is high, it will be lowered. If creatinine is high, dialysis is needed. Dialysis is not good choice for kidney failure 5 stage.

What happens when there are no symptoms, or when the symptoms are not obvious? Just tell you that it's not serious, don't need treatment, go home and wait.

What are you waiting for? When the symptoms come out, the condition becomes worse, so it can be cured. This is also the most taboo thing in nephropathy treatment!

How can nephropathy be treated to avoid uremia?

In fact, the essence of nephropathy is cell necrosis, so nephropathy treatment should be to prevent cell necrosis.

How to stop it?

Immune complexes should be cleaned up, so as to eliminate the above mentioned three aspects of the impact. Whether the immune complex can be cleaned up and whether it can be cleaned up thoroughly is the key to reflect the level of medical treatment.

In order to clear up the immune complex as far as possible, we can inhibit the inflammatory reaction in vivo, improve the renal microcirculation, and detoxify and remove turbidity by traditional Chinese medicine, thus fundamentally alleviating renal ischemia and hypoxia, correcting renal anemia, Anti-renal fibrosis and other purposes.

This is mainly due to the deep conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine, which increases the effective perfusion of the glomerulus, reduces the internal pressure of the glomerulus, at the same time reduces the high filtration state of the glomerulus, delays and controls the process of glomerulosclerosis.

With this foundation, we can talk about the elimination of proteinuria, occult blood, edema and other symptoms. And kidney failure 5 stage can be avoided.

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