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Three Turning Points Help Delay The Progress Of Renal Function

2019-03-14 14:43

Turning Points,Renal FunctionChronic Kidney Disease has a long course. From the beginning of Chronic Nephritis to the end of Renal Failure, patients with different pathological types progress at different rates, and the final treatment results are good or bad. In addition to pathological types, the factors affecting the rate of progression of nephropathy are also closely related to the recovery of various symptoms, physical fitness and mentality of patients.

The recovery of some of the symptoms or indicators has a significant impact on renal function. Controlling them at a lower level as far as possible is more conducive to delaying renal function, such as proteinuria, hypertension, serum creatinine and so on. In addition, some indicators, even the key nodes of renal function discovery, affect the follow-up development of the disease, we have to pay attention to them.

Quantitative urinary protein reached 1g in 24 hours-determining whether hormones are used or not

It is well known that 24-hour proteinuria quantification can reflect the overall level of renal function and affect the prognosis of nephropathy. When the 24-hour urinary protein content exceeds 3.5g, it can be diagnosed as massive proteinuria, which means that the renal function is not lightly damaged. It is generally necessary to use immunosuppressive agents, hormones and other drugs in time.

In fact, 24-hour urinary protein quantification to 1 g is also a very critical node, which means that nephropathy treatment can start with hormones. Taking hormones can also affect the process of kidney disease, so in the choice of hormones and dosage of kidney friends should be based on the comprehensive analysis of the disease, not blindly taking drugs.

Generally less than 1g of patients, we do not recommend taking hormones, on the one hand, the disease is generally mild, on the other hand, taking into account the side effects of hormones, such as full moon face, buffalo back, and hormones themselves will affect human metabolism, disturb the situation of autocrine hormones, coupled with immunosuppressive therapy, will reduce the patient's autoimmunity, which is not serious for patients. It's not a good thing that proteinuria drops in time.

Proteinuria quantification at or below 1g does not have a significant impact on renal function and can be treated without hormones. Patients with more than 1G can see whether it is available according to their own pathological type and glomerular filtration.

Immunoassay: the quality of immunity

Immunoassay includes 10 items of immunity and lymphocyte subsets. Immunity will directly affect the stability of the disease, because of the kidney itself, plus the use of immunosuppressive drugs and other reasons, most of the nephrophilia immunity is lower than ordinary people.

Low immunity can easily lead to infection, aggravate the immune inflammation reaction of kidney, which makes the function of kidney worse and worse. The influence of immunity is also persistent, and it is one of the key nodes in the development of nephropathy.

Therefore, Kidney Friends must pay attention to improving their self-immunity, mainly to improve daily living habits, such as adhere to regular work and rest, reasonable nutritional diet, proper exercise and physical fitness, vaccination and immunoglobulin injection when necessary. Long-term adherence to a good life and rest is the key to ensure immunity.

Serum creatinine 130 micron oI/L-toxin level

Serum creatinine is also one of the important indicators of renal function. The change of creatinine mainly represents the fluctuation of toxin level in patients. Increased serum creatinine means impaired glomeruli, decreased renal filtration capacity, and increased levels of toxins, which is another turning point in the treatment of nephropathy.

Uremia occurs when kidney function is impaired by more than 90% and the toxins in the body cannot be excreted, thus accelerating renal failure.

If we can expel toxins out of the body in time and lighten the burden on the kidney, it will greatly reduce the risk of deterioration of renal function and reduce the incidence of uremia. Uric acid and urea nitrogen are also indicators of toxin levels.

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