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A Better Treatment than Dialysis—Blood Purification for Lupus Nephritis

2012-09-30 17:50

Lupus Nephritis patients may be suggested with dialysis, when it develops into kidney failure. However, you may find better effects with blood purification.

Blood purification is a group of machines to clean out the waste products and extra liquids. Lupus is a kind of chronic inflammatory disease in which the immune systems mistakenly attacks native organs. When lupus attacks your kidneys, you will develop lupus nephritis.


Kidneys are important organs to filter the blood throughout the whole body and remove the excessive water and waste products in the blood. When kidneys lost its function, toxins will build up in your body.


Dialysis serves as a kidney replacement treatment to help the kidneys remove the small sized toxins in the blood. But, if on dialysis over time, your kidney function will lose quicker than before, because dialysis itself causes kidney damages also.

Besides, dialysis may lead to a series of side effects, such as dizziness, poor sleep, heart failure, faint etc.

More important, dialysis only deals with the small sized toxins, such as creatinine, BUN etc. What about the middle and large toxins in your blood?

Blood purification

To solve the problem that dialysis cannot do, blood purification will help you a lot. Blood purification is a group of blood-cleaning machines, in which dialysis only serves as a part.

Blood purification uses various machines which work to remove unique toxins in particular. Take hemofilteration as an example: hemofilteration serves to cleanse out of the all middle sized and a few large ones in the blood. And dialysis here is only used to deal with the small sized toxins.

Besides, all toxins in your blood are caused by the kidney malfunctions, which appears when you develop into lupus nephritis. Have you ever wondered how lupus causes kidney damages? this results from the immune disorder which releases many antibodies and the antibodies form a new mass called immune complexes in the blood. The immune complexes are harmful for health. Once the immune complexes lodge on the kidneys, kidney damages occurs.

Good news is blood purification also removes the immune complexes in the blood which prevents further kidney damages. Blood purification seems really a helpful tools for Lupus Nephritis which achieves more that the dialysis cannot do.

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