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Side Effects of Ciclosporin

2012-11-02 23:07

Ciclosporin is commonly used to treat nephritic syndrome. It is effective in relieving symptoms. However, compared with other immunosuppressive drugs, it can bring more side effects.


Nephrotoxicity of ciclosporin can be divided into two types: acute and chronic nephrotoxicity.

Acute nephrotoxicity

Ciclosporin can contract renal arteries, leading to less blood supplement to kidneys and declined GFR. In serious case, it can lead to acute renal failure.

Long term use of ciclosporin can cause chronic renal failure. To prevent chronic renal failure, if creatinine level is above 200umol or kidney fibrosis occurs, ciclosporin is not recommended.


Ciclosporin also has hepatotoxicity and can impair liver and elevate serum transaminase level. The hepatotoxicity of ciclosporin is related to its dosage. If the patient has history of liver disease or is on other medications with hepatotoxicity, liver damage is more likely to occur. Therefore, if the patients with nephritic syndrome are on cyclosporine, it is necessary for them to do test for liver function regularly.


Hyperuricemia is a side effect of ciclosporin. If it occurs, the patients should take medicines to suppress the production of uric acid. Meanwhile, they should also take sodium bicarbonate to alkalify urine and keep PH level within 6.2~6.8. In this way, it can prevent the deposition of uric acid to damage kidneys.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure also can occur among people with nephritic syndrome who are on ciclosporin. As it can accelerate renal function decline, it is very important to control high blood pressure.


Increased hair growth , mood swings, obesity etc are also seen among the patients on ciclosporin.

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